Steve Gotter | About

Hello. My name is Steve Gotter and I am a photographer and video producer with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Media Arts from UW-Whitewater. I worked for over three years at UW-Whitewater, serving multiple departments as a photographer, video producer, and web manager. 

Following graduation, I created my own business, Steve Gotter Photography, LLC. I specialize in sports and event photography as well as corporate video production. My work has been published by companies and universities around the nation.

I am a team leader and photographer for Gameface Media, the world's largest publisher of professional photos for amateur athletes. As a team leader for Gameface Media, my responsibilities are coordinating with event directors, managing teams of photographers and their camera equipment, and photographing promotional images for the events that are later used as national advertisement campaigns to help brand advancement.

I have also worked for over three years as a video producer for Hope Church in Oconomowoc. I was brought into Hope Church with the task of creating a plan to get their sermons recorded and uploaded for viewing online. From scratch, I developed a multi-camera production system that fit their needs to create engaging online videos. The videos have been so successful that more people attend Hope Church via online viewership than are in the building Sunday morning. In addition to the weekly sermon videos, I also produce commercials and story telling videos.

Recent Clients:
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Athletics
The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 
The University of Ohio State Athletics
The University of North Carolina Athletics
The University of Michigan Athletics
The University of Syracuse Athletics
The University of Arizona Athletics
The University of Northern Arizona Athletics
The University of Eastern Kentucky Athletics
The University of Chattanooga Athletics
The University of Iowa State Athletics
Lamar University Athletics
Iona University Athletics 
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Gameface Media
Capstone Photography
Ultra Race Photos, LLC
East Side Salsa, LLC
Bedford Falls Communications
Red Moxy Communications
Educational Enterprises, Inc.
BBG Productions
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MRA - The Management Association
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